Getting it set

Okay, so today we are just going to go over a quick topic, because let’s be real we are all way too busy to sit down and read something super long right now and some things just need to be short and sweet. So, here we go.

Having a set theme and color is extremely important, in all honesty one of the most important things that you will be picking, because it will set the tone and mood for everything else that you decide on. For example, if you decide on a super modern, artistic kind of a theme, you would probably pick a venue at an art museum, not a barn. Where if you wanted more of a casual, rustic theme, you may pick that barn over a museum. So, theme and color are everything when it comes to your wedding.

So, how do you pick what colors and theme you should go with? Well, for one, pick something that means a lot to you, as the couple. If you always go on wild adventures you may want to do a destination wedding to Hawaii. Or if you are more of the outdoors couple, you may do an empty field. Things like this just showcase who you are as a couple and what you enjoy. Its never something that you should compromise though. Sit down, have a heart to heart, and figure out what makes sense for you guys and what you believe in. Don’t compromise on a theme because someone tells you to. Because lets be real, everyone will tell you something about everything. Everyone has an opinion, but when it comes down to your wedding, only yours matters.

After you pick a theme, how do you pick a color? It’s actually a lot simpler, for most people. Always do something that matches the theme and time of year. Or just pick colors that you like and think go well together. You can get married on Halloween, have that as a theme, and do black and orange as the colors. Or you can do an elegant hotel for the reception, thinking more of a traditional wedding, and do purples and blues for the color. When it comes down to it, the sky is the limit!

At the end of the day, the theme and colors are what you base everything off of when planning your wedding. So, really take the season, weather, and your own personal wants and needs into consideration. You may not know right away what you are wanting to do, but you’ll soon figure it out. No one really knows what they want until they know it. I always do recommend looking on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. Create a digital vision board to work off of to get what you want to do. No two people are going to be the same. But, if you pick a theme and color, stick with it. You may want to try everything in the world, because we all would if we could, but having those two things set, just makes everything so much easier for you when it comes down to actually planning and designing.


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